Stone-Coated Metal Roofs: For the Beauty, Longevity & Energy Savings

After seeing the benefits of stone-coated metal roofs, it can be difficult to consider any other type of roofing system within the same price range. For one, stone-coated metal roofs can last three times as long as asphalt shingles and wood shakes, while only adding 50% to the overall cost. And, you can expect to see substantial energy savings when you choose a stone-coated metal roof.

When compared to typical roof systems, stone-coated metal roofs fare better against heat gain/loss, energy waste, and they are very resistant to hail and fire. Simply put, our stone-coated metal roofs make the best out of any situation!

Energy Savings

With a properly installed stone-coated metal roof, you can expect your energy costs to go down. This ventilated system moves air between the shingles and the underlying deck. With cooler air being drawn through the eave vents, heat easily dissipates through the ridge line. With the added insulation of the system, you should see your energy costs drop as well.

Perfect for Calgary’s Dynamic Weather

Stone-coated metal roofs have been tested to withstand impact damage from hail up to two-and-a-half inches in size. This means your roof will not break, crack, or dent when impacted by most types of hail. Our roofs are also 20% thicker than most metal roofs offered in the industry.

Freeze & Thaw Resistance

During the winter months, your stone-coated metal roof will be minimally affected by the freezing and thawing cycle and will not deteriorate, crack, or split due to extreme weather changes.

Wind Resistance

High winds are another consideration when choosing a roof in the Calgary area. With a unique interlock and screw system, our stone-coated metal roofs can withstand winds over 100km/h, yet weigh in at less than 17% of traditional tile roof systems.

Fire Resistance

Stone-coated metal roofs are UL 2218-certified, meaning they have one of the best fire resistance ratings in the industry.

Noise Resistance

You may hear a pitter-patter sound in your home, but it won’t be coming from the roof; unlike other metal roofs, ours will actually dampen outside noise, whether it’s from rain or hail.

Designed to Last

Stone-coated metal roofs are built to last. The embedded granules are not oiled and use a UV-resistant acrylic polymer to ensure a long-lasting bond with the steel. Compared to other coated steel roofs, the type of metal we use is the least likely to rust.

With all these benefits and features, we can confidently back up our stone-coated metal roofs with a 50-year warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

Since the granules used in our stone coating are non-oil-based, the water runoff will not be affected. A majority of metal roofs use anywhere from 25% to 95% of recycled materials and are completely recyclable once they have exceeded their functional lifespan. All told, metal roofs have the least environmental impact when compared to other roofing products.

Cost Comparisons

For materials and installation, a stone-coated metal roof will cost 50% more than an asphalt roof, but it will last three times as long. This is why metal roofs are considered a smart investment.

What about concrete or tile roofs? Metal roofs last 150% longer and cost 50% less than your average tile or concrete roof.

The Process

We will work with you on finding a profile that fits your home. We work with insurance companies and can ensure that you will have an enjoyable experience with us. The installation process for a stone-coated metal roof is quick and simple, and will typically only take a couple days to complete. The end results are very appealing and will surely increase the value of your home.

Get inspired — check out our gallery of recently installed metal roofs, or compare our stone-coated metal roofs to other roof types.



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