Cultured Stone Products for Calgary Homes & Businesses

The cultured stone products sold and installed by Envi Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. are among the highest quality on the market today. In using pumice, crushed stone, porter clay, and iron oxide, our products defy the notion of what cultured stone can be, and define what cultured stone products should be.

Envi Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. sells and installs Envi Stone cultured stone products to homes and businesses in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Envi Stone is available for sale for DIY projects and outside contractors, but we highly recommend going with an approved installer through Envi Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. to take advantage of our 50-year limited warranty.


Versatile, beautiful, easy to maintain; cultured stone products from Envi Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. are a great way to line your home’s siding. Some of the features that separate Envi Stone from other cultured stone products are primarily the all-natural materials used to create our classic look, as well as the iron oxide pigments that go deeper than the surface, ensuring it will look fine if it is ever chipped or scratched.


Unlike natural stone, Envi Stone doesn’t require additional footings or support ledges. It can be applied to nearly every structurally-sound surface so long as it has been properly prepared. Envi Stone also works great as an interior accent or fireplace surround. The possibilities are nearly endless!
AffordableEnvi Stone is also very affordable when compared to natural stone, which can be twice as expensive as installing our cultured stone.

Easy to Install

Since Envi Stone is coloured throughout, there is no “bad side” that needs to be hidden. This saves both time and money. Unlike natural stone, there are no odd or irregular shapes that need to be chipped away prior to installation, although the finished product will appear to be the work of a master stone mason.

If you are ready to take advantage of all that Envi Stone has to offer, call Envi Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. for a free estimate today!

Why Choose Envi Stone?

The advantage of using cultured stone is easy to see. It’s beautiful and adaptable to most structures. The price is also a major benefit to most consumers. Our operations go directly from the manufacturer to the customer (or contractor). The reason we are able to give industrial wholesale prices to our customers is because our competitors deal with many middlemen during their upstream sales process. Simply put, the less people trying to make money off the same product, the lower the cost will be to the end user. The diagram shown on this page can be useful in explaining why our prices are so much lower than our competitors’.

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